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Subject: Christmas Island TERRITORY Australia

Hello again Sir,
Last time we communicated was about Quantas, and you responded well.
May I suggest you to "get rid" of Christmas Island as a Territory of Australia, in one way or the other.
It sounds likea  huge operation but in fact the Island could be returned to Singapore or traded away to Indonesia, alternatively handed over to United States of America for their Drone planes...
There is other alternatives too!
I would guess it would be a chocker for Abbott, he could not match or digest.
I don't see it impossible to realize this move, very fast.
It would change the game radically with a stroke of a pen, even before the election.
Think Twice, please.
All the best
Ture Sjolander
NSW 2466
(My 76th Birth Day tomorrow 19)

  2. Ture Sjolander16 July 2013 00:04

    Last Comment:
    Day out and day in. People are standing there in the front of the TV cameras like ghosts, often with another zombie person just behind, talking about "Boats" and "People smugglers" etc etc...for NOW approx. 15 year, with thousands of "clever" Australian politicians and dumb head journalist.
    It has nothing to do with "Boats" or "smugglers".
    Remove all this faked nonsense, and extremely false untalented discussion, and wake up to the reality.
    This whole matter is far beyond politics, and light years from party politics.
    Never ever let this matter be a Federal Election Issue!!!!
    Go and shame all of you!
    It is a much bigger "issue" than no one of you have capability to handle.

    50.000 year ago people arrived by canoes, kayaks or any object they could cross the sea with, and from now they shall do the very same for another 1.000 years.
    It is a global matter. So let us start there from square One again.
    So stop this endlessly Talking Heads in the media before we all get a civil war.

  3. Ture Sjolander17 July 2013 12:52

    Forgot one important thing:
    Return this small old lime rock Christmas Island to Singapore or give it away to Indonesia, if they really wanna get it it. Trade it with something else.
    Then it is not an Australian Territory any longer.
    The Australian citizens on the Island do not have the life style they had before, and 2.000 of them, not many,
    can either stay as permanent residents or move to the mainland of Australia.
    Thereafter the Refugee Center, I proposed 2001, can be used for the Indonesians, and the center closed for good as it do not serve the purpose more for asylum seekers.

    It is not a bad idea after all!
    Think twice about it!

    It will only take a signature on a paper to make such a deal.
    America may be interested to purchase the rock for their drone experiments. If so the refugee seekers have to apply for residency in United States.
    The current 15 year old problems need a completely new take.
    This is it, and stop feeding your Pavlov dogs. It is enough.

  4. Anonymous17 July 2013 19:27

    Ask if Abbott can "Stop the killing" of 5.000 people in Syria, per Month.
    ...and millions fleeing the region.
    John Howard's old recipe may "work now as it did before".

    Stop all old politics, NOW!!!!

  5. Ture Sjolander18 July 2013 16:16

    Before any other "referendum" ideas prior to a federal election The current Government should terminate Australian Territorial rights to Christmas Island, and hand over, sale or trade the Island to either Indonesia, Singapore or United States, faster than light!
    Christmas Island is an half hour flight to Indonesia and more than 3 hour to Perth or Darwin. It is an absurd Colonial idea to continue.
    There is other alternative nations who could run Christmas Island if not U.N. would take over the administration on the Island.